Sunday, July 25, 2010

More Fortune Telling...

I can't believe what I got on my hunting excursions this week! 

 I got this:

And this:

AND this:

for $150!!

A big triple mirror came with the dresser but I immediately took it off and gave it to someone to take it away, it was UGLY.  The furniture is heavy and sturdy, made by Lexington and was apparently in a little girl's room, based on all the hair accessories still in the nightstand!

It's been extremely hot here in NJ and I really didn't have time to tackle this, but I was too excited.  I had purchased this set to put in a preteen room, painting the pieces in shades of turquoise, citrus green, and a fun blue.  But my teenager saw it and realized the potential and wanted it for her room, which we are ever so slowly working on and changing from a cinnamon and eggplant bohemian room to a sleek black, silver, red and crystal room.

Here are some of the things we have going into the "new" room:

A little close up:

A black shag rug, some great lamps with crystals and, of course, a DISCO BALL.  (I want that for my own room!)  A duvet with an abstract tree pattern from Urban Outfitters and some cool pillows for the bed.

Okay, back to the fortune telling...

I could see the potential of this bedroom furniture and couldn't wait to get started.  Apparently, neither could she!

What are we doing?  She wanted black, since her other furniture is black, but I won and it is not going to be black.

Chinese Red Lacquer, baby!

OMG, this is taking not as fun as it seemed in my brain... we ran out of primer and paint.  Twice.

The old brass hardware was NOT impressing the teenager.

So we got it hammered!

And now they look better.

It was dark outside when I took this picture, but I wanted to show you that we are ALMOST DONE! ("We" means "me" since the teenager wasn't about to get dirty and sweaty...)

I was going to leave this outside to dry since the sky was so clear but it seemed to get hotter and more humid as the day turned to night, so I dragged it back into the garage for the night and put a fan on to help it.
Thank goodness I did, since a mighty thunderstorm just blew in at 1am as I'm writing this and it's POURING OUT!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I can see into the future!

I just found a solid wood table for $25! It looks beat up, but I can see what a beauty it will be. Soon you will too!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Keys To The Fleas

While I'm not going to France anytime soon, I can still dream. And if I were to go, I would definitely want to shop the famous flea markets.

(photos from here)

And if I were to shop the fleas, I definitely would want to use this app I found on iTunes!

Check out this application:

Back to dreaming...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

ooh ahhhh

I am drooling today.  I am now able to offer the beautiful lights of Urban Electric Company to my discerning clients and their huge book arrived today.  I made the mistake of looking through it and I am not able to stop!  They make everything by hand (in the USA!), and their work is stunning.
Look at this, how insanely awesome!

And the industrial chic of this:

Or this custom made piece:

And the "right now" look of this:

(all images from Urban Electric Company's website)

If there is something you need/want/love anything from Urban Electric Company, please contact me!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Trying Out Something New

Rainy days equal dragging feet for me.  I have to drive all over NJ for work today but with the kids home and their social calendars, AND the rain, I'm not moving very fast.  Some online work getting done, though.  Hey, it's something.
I created a design board by hand for a client that wanted to get the room laid out and then shop at her own pace.  This was done well over a year ago... I believe it's been at least two years, now that I think about it!  She's still working on it, and based on the feedback I've heard from some of the visitors to her house, she's moving along and it's looking more like the design with each step!  I'm excited, the window treatments might be done by next week, and that will make a great difference.  I still have to access an old computer's photos to find the original design board and items, but I tried to recreate some of it today.
This is what happened:

What do you think?  There are more lamps, a rug, chairs, etc, but now I'm ready to walk out the door to do the footwork part of my day.  More to come!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Some Things Take Time

Well, lots of stuff has been ordered for several different clients. That feels good! What doesn't feel good is the fact that some of the items finally arrived after weeks of waiting and they are damaged. Grrr. And to make matters worse, a custom roller shade I ordered in May was supposed to come in a few weeks ago and today I just found out that it was not made at all due to a snafu at the facility. They never informed me, but today they were "very sorry" for the confusion. New samples are being expedited and I have to order a new shade, which will add weeks! Double Grrr! Those who work in similar fields know that sometimes these things happen, but clients don't always understand. I strive to give my clients the best service possible and it probably bother me more than anyone when these silly snafus happen. Just a frustrating day playing catch up, chasing down new chairs, a new fan, a new shade, and that darn custom office chair that wants to lol fabulous but continues to misbehave and not work properly! (Triple Grrrr!)